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Create Agent Websites in HighLevel

Do you have a team or office account with IDX Broker and HighLevel? With HighLevel, you can create agent websites, but the approach you choose will determine the process.

Important: all websites will be generated using the same IDX Broker account. Consequently, they will share identical links and IDX feed.

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Agent Websites

I want to create all the websites in the same HighLevel subaccount.

I want to

Same Subdomain

Easy & Fast Use the same template for all agents

Let's say your main IDX Broker subdomain is and you have agents like Ronaldo and Becky.

You want to create agent websites with the following subdomain structure or

This option is easy to set up since you only need to add the Agent Cookie on the Agent Home page, which will persist across all IDX pages.

Step by step

HighLevel Template
  • Create a website template in HighLevel to be utilized by all agents. Incorporate IDX Broker links and widgets into the HighLevel template. Note that there's no need to include the agentHeaderID in the links.
  • Since you'll be utilizing the same IDX Broker subdomain, you can ensure persistent cookies between the main agent website and the IDX Broker subdomain. This ensures that when a visitor navigates to the IDX Broker subdomain, the website will recognize the specific agent being sought and display the relevant agent information accordingly.
  • Simply add the following code to the main agent website as a custom HTML element:
    // Get today's date
    var today = new Date();
    // Set the expiration date to be one year from today
    var expirationDate = new Date(today);
    expirationDate.setFullYear(expirationDate.getFullYear() + 1);
    // Format the expiration date as required
    var formattedExpirationDate = expirationDate.toUTCString();
    // Construct the cookie string with the dynamic expiration date
    var cookieString = "IDX-agentOwner=REPLACE_AGENT_ID;; samesite=None; expires=" + formattedExpirationDate + "; secure";
    // Set the cookie
    document.cookie = cookieString;

    For example:

    var today = new Date();
    var expirationDate = new Date(today);
    expirationDate.setFullYear(expirationDate.getFullYear() + 1);
    var formattedExpirationDate = expirationDate.toUTCString();
    var cookieString = "IDX-agentOwner=55715;; samesite=None; expires=" + formattedExpirationDate + "; secure";
    document.cookie = cookieString;
  • Add the subdomain to the agent website. For example, if the main IDX Broker subdomain is, the agent subdomain will be
  • Depending on the domain provider, you may need to create a CNAME record for the subdomain.
  • Follow this video tutorial
Agent Wrapper
  • After creating the website for the agent, proceed to create a wrapper that aligns the agent's header and footer with the main IDX website.
  • Access the LeadConnector Agent Wrappers app and follow the provided instructions.

If you're interested in this option, we offer assistance with the setup through our IDXConnect service, which connects your IDX Broker account with HighLevel. Please note that this service is priced per agent website.

IDXConnect Service

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