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We are excited to partner up with web designers, developers, agencies and marketers to get IDX Broker set up for their clients.

We have been working with IDX Broker for over a decade. Our developers are true experts in IDX Broker and have built over 60 IDX Add-ons, IDX Premium Templates, a chat feature and so much more! We are constantly working on improving and really taking the IDX experience to a new level.

Agency Dashboard
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Let us handle the IDX Broker side while you take care of website design and marketing. Together, we'll ensure your real estate clients get a beautiful and functional website! While we handle IDX, we'll also create tools and templates to enhance your IDX Broker experience.

We can communicate directly with you instead of the realtor, or CC you in all emails to them. Just let us know what you prefer.

We can also help you if you are looking for custom real estate software development for your clients. If you want a new web app built, like our IDXAddons, or a new page layout, we can build those for you. Shoot us an email at

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Agency Dashboard

You can use our Agency Dashboard to manage all your clients' IDX Broker accounts in one place. It's free to use.

Add new clients, launch websites, review status of IDX setups, and activate IDXAddons like Single Property Websites. Learn More about the Agency Dashboard.

Dashboard Overview

If you have any questions, please contact us. We are here to help!

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Step by step Setup

You don't have an IDX Broker account yet? No problem! We can help you set up your account and get you started with IDX Broker.

You already have a website and an IDX Broker account connected? Great! Get started with our Addons to enhance your IDX experience.

I'm a HighLevel Agency and I want to set up the tools for my clients myself.

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Unlock IDX Broker potential with IDXAddons. Enjoy our amazing & fully customizable widgets to make your website stunning.