Agent Access Tutorial

How to set it up:

1. Generate a password for your agent

You'll see a list of your available agents.

List of Agents

Select the agent to whom the login password will be generated and click on the pencil icon.

A popup will be displayed and it will look like this:


Turn on the "Active" switch and click on "Generate Password".

Generate password

Click on "Copy" to copy the password to your clipboard.

Copy password Copy password

2. Send the password to your agent

Your agent will need to log in and enter the password. If you want to log in and you already have an IDXAddons session, you would need to do it using an incognito window.

IMPORTANT: If you want to test the agent access and you already have an IDXAddons session, use an incognito window.

Agent login

Agents will have limited access to IDXAddons.

Agent dashboard