Agent Information Widget Tutorial

  1. How does it look?

    This is a screenshot using the Agent Information Widget.

    Agent Information Widget
  2. Custom your information

    This app automatically retrieves your information registered at IDX Broker: name, email and phone.

    You can customize those fields by adding more information and adding the URL to a profile picture. Click on the "Preview" button to display the image in the Agent Contact Information section.

    Agent Information Widget form

    Once you've finished customizing your contact widget, click on the "Save" button to save the changes and then click on the "Copy Code" button to copy the widget to your clipboard.

    Copy Widget code
  3. Paste the New Code

    You can now paste the new code where you want the change to be made. If you're using one of our Realty Candy details templates, it will automatically be added there.

    Agent Information Widget form
  4. How to change the position of the widget?

    Let's say you don't have a Realty Candy details template and you want to add the widget in the Details page. You'll need to go to the Details page Sub-Headers.

    Sub-Headers of the Details page

    Paste the widget code in the Sub-Headers page and save the changes.

    Paste the code in the sub-headers page

    The Agent Information widget will appear in the Sub-Header section of your page.

    Widget in the sub-headers section of the page

    For this example, we will change the position of the widget above the details information. We need to get the HTML identifier of the element. In this example it's named IDX-detailsMainInfo.

    Get the DOM element id attribute

    We will add the following code in the Sub-Headers to change the position of the widget and save the changes.

    New code added in the sub-headers

    Now we have the widget in the desired position.

    New position for the widget