Agent Carousel Tutorial

How does it look?

You can display a carousel like this:

Agent Carousel widget example

How to set it up:

1. Fill the social media of the agents

Click on the button Add.

Add social media

Fill the form with the corresponding information and click on "Update Social Media".

Social media form

You'll see the agent's social media updated.

Agent Social media updated

2. Filter the agents by State, City or ZIP Code

Select the option that will be applied to only showcase the filtered agents.

Filter options: state, city and ZIP code

Based on the previously selected option, now choose a value.

Filter values

This information is taken from IDX Broker Agents page.

IDX Broker Agents page Edit Agent page

3. Write a title

The header will appear above the carousel.

Title field

4. Copy the code

Click on the Copy Code button and the script will be copied to your clipboard.

Copy code button

5. Paste the Code

You can now paste this code where you want it to go on your website.

Agent carousel widget