Community Areas Tutorial

Set this widget to display your communities more prominently.

  1. This widget works with IDX Broker Saved Links. Make sure you have some links created according to your preferences.

    Click on "Add" on all the saved links that will be part of the grid of communities that you want to display. In this example, we will add 4 communities.

    When you add a saved link to be part of the widget, the available actions will be to "Update" or "Remove" a saved link from the widget.

  2. Click on "Copy Code". The code will be automatically copied to your clipboard.

    Each community will show the name of the saved link, a default image, the price range and the number of properties. The images are retrieved from Google using a Creative Commons license. If no images are found, a default image will be used.

  3. Update an area

    The data of the community name and the image can be edited. To edit a community, click on the "Edit Area" icon. A popup will show up with all the fields that can be updated.

    • Name: the saved link name is used by default
    • Image URL: by default, we use an image retrieved from Google.
    • Featured: if you mark an area as "Featured", you will be able to display in another widget only the featured areas.

    Click on "Edit" to update the information.

    In the following example, we will update the image and mark the community area as "featured".

    After clicking on "Edit", a confirmation popup will show up.

    After editing the areas, this is how the widget will look.

  4. Extra Options

    To display the widget you can select the following options

    • Filter communities
    • Open New Tab
    • Sort By

    Filter communities

    It will only display the communities that are marked as "Featured".

    You can use this option to showcase the communities that you want to highlight in your website.

    Open New Tab

    If enabled, the links will open in a new tab.

    Sort By

    You can choose between "None" or "Alphabetically (A-Z)". If "None" is selected, the commmunites will be displayed in the same order as they were added.

    If you choose "Alphabetically (A-Z)", the communities will be sorted by name.

  5. Style & Themes

    You can customize the widget by selecting one of the available themes.

    And change the colors to match your website style.

  6. Remove an Area

    To remove one of the existing areas from the widget, just click on the "Remove" button. A popup will show to confirm that you want to remove the community. Click on "Remove" and that's it!

    A confirmation popup will show up.

    The removed area will not show up in the widget.