Community Google Map Tutorial

Using the Community Map Addon, you can embed a Google map in your page.

Centering the map

You can choose different options to center the map, by the results of a saved links, by zipcode or by coordinates.

Saved Link results

When using this option you must select the saved link you want from the drop-down list, the map will be centered on the zipcode of the first result.


When using this option you must enter a zip code, google map will center the map automatically.


Centering the map by coordinates is the most specific option but it requires obtaining the coordinates by other means, for example you can do a search on google maps, click on a specific point on the map and get the coordinates.

How to install

Once you have finished configuring your map, click on "Get Code Snippet" and "Copy Code" button. The code will be automatically copied to your clipboard.

community map Copy button

Log in to your IDX Broker Dashboard, go to Design > website > Saved link.

IDX broker saved links menu

You will see a list of all your saved links, find the one you want to add the map to and click on edit preferences.

IDX broker saved links menu

Paste the code snippet and save changes, remember to turn off the WYSIWYG option.

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