LeadConnector Dashboard for Agents

For IDX Broker Team and Office accounts using a different GHL sub-account for each agent.

Show lead activity, saved properties, and saved searches. Link to your Agent GHL sub-account to call, email, and text your clients.

  1. IDXAddons - LeadConnector Dashboard Setup

    In IDXAddons, inside the LeadConnector dashboard, it will show at the bottom of the page 2 options to setup GHL for a Team or Office account.

    Select the option "Using a different sub-account per agent".

    The first time you access to the setup page, you will see a list of the agents in your Team or Office account with empty setup fields.

    For this tutorial, we will select the first agent in the list to setup the GHL sub-account.

    Click on the button to add the sub-account details manually. This information is required to create the website as we will create Custom Values and Custom Fields in HighLevel.

    A popup will appear with the form to fill out: Location Name, Location ID and the Location API Key.

    You can find the information in your HighLevel sub-account settings page > Business Profile.

    Fill the form with the information from your HighLevel sub-account and click on "Submit".

    A loading icon will appear while the information is being saved and the custom values and fields are being created.

    A success message will appear, and the page will be refreshed with the new sub-account added to the list.

  2. In the Agency Settings > Custom Menu Link, click on "Create New".

    A pop-up will appear.

    Select a Link Icon. We recommend the "Building" or "Home" icon, but feel free to choose the one you like the most.

    Enter the Link Title. For this example we will use "IDX Agent Dashboard", but feel free to choose the one you like the most. This will be the name of the link in the GHL menu.

    Now paste the IDXAddons - LeadConnector Dashboard for Agents link in the URL field. This will be the link that will open the IDXAddons - LeadConnector Dashboard for Agents in GHL.

    This is how the form should look like.

    Now scroll down to see the rest of the settings.

    Now you need to select which sub-accounts you want to display the IDXAddons - LeadConnector Dashboard for Agents link on. You can select all subaccounts or just some of them.

    In the "When Clicked" option, select "Open in iFrame inside the platform".

    After filling all the fields, click on "Save".

    Now you can see the IDXAddons - LeadConnector Dashboard link in the GHL menu. The first time, you won't see data in the dashboard because the webhook will start sending from your leads' activity from that moment on, but after a few days, you will see your leads' activity in the dashboard.