HighLevel Dashboard Tutorial

Show lead activity, saved properties, and saved searches. Link to your GHL account to call, email, and text your clients.

  1. IDXAddons - HighLevel Dashboard

    In IDXAddons, the first time you go to the HighLevel dashboard, it will show a multi-step form at the top.

    You will need to enter the HighLevel API Key of the sub-account that you want to connect.

  2. GHL Sub-account API Key

    To get your HighLevel API Key, go to your HighLevel account, and click on "Settings" at the bottom left corner.

    It will take you to the Business Profile Settings. There you will find your API Key.

    Click on the "clipboard" icon. It will copy the API Key to your clipboard.

  3. IDXAddons Setup

    Go back to the IDXAddons - HighLevel dashboard and paste the API Key.

    Click on "Save Action".

    After clicking on "Next step", it will start setting up some Custom Fields in your HighLevel sub-account so whenever a new lead is added in IDX Broker, you can see important data in your Contacts.

    It will also set up some Custom Values in your HighLevel sub-account so you can access your IDXAddons - HighLevel Dashboard directly in GHL.

    Then we will start adding the webhook to your IDX Broker pages. The webhook will be used to send the lead data to HighLevel and track your lead activity.

    We validate that the webhook was successfully added in the following IDX Broker pages:

    • Global Sub-header
    • Featured Listings
    • Results page
    • Details page

    If the webhook was successfully added, you will see a green checkmark next to the page name.

    If the webhook couldn't be added to an IDX Broker sub-header, you will see a red cross mark next to the page name. This means that you already have content on that sub-header page and you need to add the webhook manually.

    To do that, go to the IDX Sub-Headers page and paste the code provided in the "this code" link. The code will be copied to your clipboard.

    To paste it, don't forget to click on "Turn WYSIWYG Off" first.

    After this step, the GHL dashboard link will be displayed so you can add it to HighLevel as a Custom Menu Link.

    Note: we also provide a white-label dashboard. To get the link, click on "Complete", so it displays the link at the bottom of the page below "Your Principal Broker white-label dashboard link".

    To copy your GHL dashboard link, simply put the cursor on the link and it will be copied to your clipboard. The code will always be available at the bottom of the HighLevel dashboard page.

    Now you need to go to the Agency Settings in HighLevel and add the IDXAddons - HighLevel Dashboard link as a Custom Menu Link. If you don't have access to this page, ask your Agency Admin to add it for you.

  4. In the Agency Settings > Custom Menu Link, click on "Create New".

    A pop-up will appear.

    Select a Link Icon. We recommend the "Building" or "Home" icon, but feel free to choose the one you like the most.

    Enter the Link Title. We recommend "Principal Broker Leads", but feel free to choose the one you like the most. This will be the name of the link in the GHL menu.

    Now paste the IDXAddons - HighLevel Dashboard link in the URL field. This will be the link that will open the IDXAddons - HighLevel Dashboard in GHL.

    This is how the form should look like.

    Now scroll down to see the rest of the settings.

    Now you need to select to what sub-accounts you want to display the IDXAddons - HighLevel Dashboard link. You can select all sub-accounts or just some of them.

    In the "When Clicked" option, select "Open in iFrame inside the platform".

    After filling all the fields, click on "Save".

    Now you can see the IDXAddons - HighLevel Dashboard link in the GHL menu. The first time, you won't see data in the dashboard because the webhook will start sending from your leads' activity from that moment on, but after a few days, you will see your leads' activity in the dashboard.

    Finally, on the IDXAddons - HighLevel Dashboard page, click on "Complete" to finish the setup. The multi-step form won't be displayed anymore.