LeadConnector Workflow Tutorial

Set up a workflow in your LeadConnector account to automatically send your GHL contacts to IDX Broker.

  1. LeadConnector Workflows

    In LeadConnector, go to the Workflows page.

    Select the option "Start from scratch".

    This is how the new workflow page will look.

  2. Workflow Trigger

    Click on "Add New Workflow Trigger", select "Contact Created" and click on "Save Trigger".

    After saving the selected option, this is how the workflow will look.

  3. Webhook

    Click on the "Webhook" rectangle. A popup will show up on the right side. Fill the values of the form as follow:

    Click on "Save Action".

    After saving the webhook, this is how the workflow will look.

  4. Publish the workflow

    Publish the created workflow by turning on the toggle button.

    Don't forget to save the changes by clicking on the "Save" button at the top right section of the screen.

    The created workflow will appear on your Workflow's page.

  5. Test the workflow

    Create a LeadConnector form with the following fields required to insert a lead in IDX Broker:

    • First Name: first_name
    • Last Name: last_name
    • Email: email
    • Phone: phone

    Test the form and check that the lead is inserted in IDX Broker automatically