Supplemental Listings Tutorial

1. Download the CSV template

Click on "Download Template" to get a CSV file that contains the available fields.

Download button template

2. Open the CSV file and fill the fields

When you open the template, the first row will have a list of fields that must be filled. likeIdxID (MLS ID) and zipcode (Zip Code) are compulsory. For this example, we are useing Google Drive Documents.

Open the template

Fill the fields with the information of your listings.

Information filled

Once you have finished, download the file as a CSV file

. Download the CSV file with the information filled

3. Upload the file

Now choose the CSV file with the supplemental listings. If you're on a computer, you can drag & drop the file on the input field.

Choose file input

Once you have selected the CSV file, click on "Import Listings".

Import Listings button

A pop-up will show up while the listings are being imported.

Pop-up appears while listings are being imported

When it has finished, a success message will appear.

Pop-up with success message

4. Verify that supplemental listings were added in IDX Broker

Go to IDX Broker Supplemental Listings to check that the listings were added

Supplemental listings added