Getting started with the Speedy Widgets

Pages that use a lot of IDX Broker widgets like Showcase or Carousel have very slow load times. The Speedy IDX Widget significantly reduces the sizes of image files on widgets so that they load much faster, without affecting image quality.

One benefit of using the Speedy IDX Widget is that it will increase the probability of clients staying on your website and continue browsing, which improves your SEO results. Remember that Google puts a high value on websites that load fast. When images are slow to load, visitors are likely to become impatient and leave your website.

The widget is also customizable since you can decide which images you want to reduce. With this tool, we think that most IDX users can cut their page load time in half. You can test your website speed before and after using the Speedy IDX Widgets using

Watch the following video to see the difference using the Speedy IDX Widget makes on your website's loading time!

Widget Themes

Watch the following video to see how to set the Widget Themes!