Agency Extra Features Tutorial

What is it for?

Improve the HighLevel/LeadConnector Dashboard experience by adding a script to the HighLevel Agency Settings.

This script will do the following:

  • Show the IDX/Lead Manager button in the Contact Details page
  • Show the "View Maps" Zillow button
  • Remove the GHL sidebar inside the iframe



The IDX Button on the GHL Contact page functions under the following conditions:

  • Make sure the code is added to your GHL Agency settings.
  • Make sure you have previously follow the steps of the LeadConnector Dashboard setup.

IDXAddons Setup

  1. IDXAddons Agency Dashboard

    Go to your IDXAddons Agency Dashboard and click on the "GHL Extra Features" menu item. This is how the page looks like:

    If you don't have access to the IDXAddons Agency Dashboard, you can sign up for free here.

  2. Click on "Save Changes" to generate the Code Snippet. This code will be added to your GHL Agency Settings.

  3. Click on the "Copy" button to copy the code to your clipboard.

  4. HighLevel Setup

    For the next steps you will need to have access to the HighLevel Agency Settings.

    Go to Agency View > Settings > Company and scroll down to the "Custom JavaScript" section.

    Paste the code snippet and click on "Update Company".

  5. Improvements

    Now your HighLevel Contact Details page will show the Lead Manager (IDX button).

    A Zillow button will be added above the Street Address contact field. If you type the full address, you will be able to access to Zillow lookups on the given address.

    If you click on the IDX button, the Lead Manager will open in an iframe.

    And if you click on the custom menu link used for your LeadConnector Dashboard, and click on the "Email", "SMS" or "Call" buttons, the Lead Manager will open in an iframe without the sidebar.

    This is how the Lead Manager looks without the sidebar.

Custom List

    I want to apply the changes to specific HighLevel sub-accounts

  1. In the Agency Extra Features, select the option "Custom List" and enter the sub-accounts' location IDs separated by commas. Then click on "Save changes".

    To get the location ID of a sub-account, go to the HighLevel sub-account Business Profile and copy the Location ID.