LeadConnector Agent Wrappers Tutorial

Power multiple LeadConnector agent websites, each with its own unique branding and design.

  1. Create a LeadConnector wrapper

    In LeadConnector, create a Wrapper and give it a name like the following https://www.yourdomain.com/url-of-your-wrapper so you can easily identify it.

    A Wrapper is a page that you can use to wrap your IDX Broker pages. You only need to include the header and footer of your website in the Wrapper. The IDX Broker pages will be inserted between the header and footer.

    More information about IDX Broker Wrappers here.

  2. Add the following custom HTML tags. The HTML "idxStart" and "idxStop" tags that you paste into the body are what tells the IDX system where to insert the IDX content.

    <div id="idxStart" style="display: none;"></div>                     
    <div id="idxStop" style="display: none;"></div>

    To add the custom HTML tags, add an HTML block.

    Paste the tags in the body and save the changes.

  3. Generate Agent wrapper

    After finishing setting up your Agent wrapper, select the agent that will have the custom wrapper.

    For this example, we are going to select the agent "Ronaldo Aveiro".

    After selecting the agent, a new field with the agent name will appear.

    Now you have to paste the URL of the wrapper that you created in LeadConnector and click on the "Save/Generate" button.

  4. In IDX Broker, go to your agent page and click on the "Edit Agent" button.

    Edit the agent Sub-Header and add the code snippet.

  5. Dynamic Wrapper & IDX pages

    Check your IDX Broker Agent pages with the new wrapper. You will need to use an incognito window to see the changes for each agent.