Import LeadConnector Workflows

Get the first version of our workflows for LeadConnector and IDX Broker. Get notified when a potential client views the same property more than 3 times, save properties, save searches and more!

  1. Snapshot

    In IDXAddons, go to LeadConnector Webhook & Workflows and copy the link to get the Snapshot that contains the workflows.

    Open the link in a new tab and click on "Yes! Import now".

    You will see the Imported Snapshot in your LeadConnector's Snapshot page.

    Now go to your sub-accounts in HighLevel.

    Select the one where you want to import the workflows and click on "Manage Client".

    On the top right corner, click on Actions > Load Snapshot.

    A wizard will appear.

    Select the Snapshot you want to import and click on "Proceed".

    All assets found in the Snapshot will be listed. Click on "Proceed" to import all of them or select the ones you want to import and click on "Proceed". For now we will import only the Workflows and the Email Builder Templates.

    If no conflicts are found, you will see "No Conflicts Detected". Click on "Proceed" to import the assets.

    GHL will start importing the assets. This may take a few minutes and you will be notified when it's done.

    If you go to the sub-account's Automations > Workflows, you will see the imported workflows

    Publish the Workflows

    Click on the workflow to see the details.

    You can edit the workflow and change the settings if you want to. Don't forget to publish the workflow and save the settings.

    The published workflow will look like this:

  2. Custom Fields

    Go to IDX to LeadConnector and verify that the custom fields are created in your LeadConnector account.

    If the custom fields are not created, add them by selecting the "Select Fields" option.

    Select the group of custom fields you want to add and click on "Add".

    When the custom fields are created, it should look like this:

  3. Clear Cache

    Finally, go to LeadConnector Webhook & Workflows and click on the "Clear property Cache" button.