Shared Searches Tutorial

Rapidly send property updates matching client\'s preferences to ensure they get relevant info.

How to set them up:

Create a shared saved link

You can do so here:

1. Choose the type of saved link that you want to create:

Saved link type Saved link selected

2. Select your criteria

If you were to choose "Search Homes", for example, a form will show up for you to fill in your search criteria:

Select your search criteria form

You can also choose from a number of other criteria from a dropdown menu, add any remarks, and type in the number of square feet and/or acres. These are optional to fill in.

Optional search criteria form


Example of optional search criteria selected

3. Click on "Next Step"

Next step button

4. Choose your Page Title

Page title input field

VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure that the title page starts with the word share in any combination of uppercase and/or lowercase letters and that it's unique from any other saved link you've created. Valid examples: "share", "Shared", "Share:", "Shared Link" even a combination like "sHaReAbLe" would work.


Example of a Page Title using the word Share

You can edit the rest of the categories if you want to:

Rest of categories form: link url, meta tags, link settings Rest of categories form: sub-header, agent assignment

5. Save your link

Save your link button

Configure the shared search

1. Go back to the Shared Searched page in IDX Add-ons

Refresh the page and you'll see the shared search you've created here (along with any other shared search you've created):

Shared searches displayed in IDXAddons

2. Share the search

Select the saved link you want to share:

Select a shared search

Select the leads to whom you want to share the link with:

Leads selected to share the saved link

It's recommended that you only select a maximum of 30 leads per round.

3. Click on the "Assign Lead to Searches" button

Assign Lead to Searches button Pop-up displays after completion

Leads will receive an email that looks like this. If they click on "View Search Results", they will see the properties in the saved link that you assigned to them.

Email that leads receive

Check IDX Broker

If you want to verify that your Lead got the shared search, go back to the IDX Broker page, click on "Leads" and "Manage":

Verify that your leads received the shared search

You'll see that Sofia (to whom we assigned a saved link) has a #1 in that column. The number of saved links that you assign to someone will be shown here.

If you click on that #1, you'll see the saved search that we assigned to her. If you assign more to her, they'll also show up here.

Shared searches assigned to the lead

If you click on "View Results", you'll see the properties that the lead will be seeing:

Results of the saved link

You can also "View Today's Results" if you click on that button.

This lead will now be receiving automatic property updates to their emails based on that saved search.