Getting started with the Custom Forms

The Custom Forms widgets allow you to have more control with the data retrieved from your leads.

When leads sign up through your site twice or more, IDX Broker doesn't notify you about this.

Because of this, we came up with the The Sign Up Custom Form, so that you're always aware of who is signing up to your site, regardless of the amount of times they do it.

By using this widget, you'll receive an email with the submitted data of the registered lead, so you can verify and update it in IDX Broker and get in touch. We'll also add the information in the lead's notes.

If a new lead signs up, their information will be registered directly in IDX Broker.

The Contact Form widget will allow create additional forms in the same page.

This client was able to add two Contact Forms through this add-on. The first one is the regular one from IDX Broker and the second one is this add-on.

Contact Form in client's site