Getting started with Omnisearch

This IDX Add-on helps you make your own search bar for your website. With the Omnisearch Creator you can customize the bar by choosing which filters you want to add. This will allow users to search properties based on specific criteria they decide and they will be able to easily find what they're looking for within your listings.

When you're creating your search bar, you can choose to show or hide certain fields, such as number of beds, baths, property types available, as well as the option for links to open in a new tab. These fields will be the same ones that users will have the option to search by. The Omnisearch Creator makes searching for new properties on your website really simple.

Watch the following video to see how easy is to set the Omnisearch!

To allow the clients to search by property type, take a look at how the dropdown works!

To allow the clients to search by status, take a look at how this works!