Saved Link to Widget

How it works?

One of the issues that we regularly see with people's websites is that they use many IDX Broker Widgets and this really slows down the server. The Saved Link to Widget add-on works around this problem and helps give a much faster experience as it resizes the images on your saved link and stores them on our server.

Use this app to turn any of your saved links into a widget for you to showcase on your website. With this add-on you don't have to make the saved link AND a widget. You can just make the saved link and use it, then quickly add the widget to a page on your site.

Choose the saved link that you'd like to use from the dropdown, select the number of listings you'd like to show, and then decide how you would like them sorted. You can also toggle the "Open in New Tab" option on to have the showcased listings open in a new tab if a user clicks on them.

Widget Themes

Watch the following video to see how to set the Widget Themes!