Community Page Creator Tutorial

How does it look?

You can display a community page like this:

Quick community pages example

How to set it up:

1. Fill the Content Fields

Fill all the fields related to the content in the Community Page Creator app:

  • Header: a title for the community page. It can be the name of a City, State or ZIP code.
  • Image URL: this image will appear as a Hero Image. You can use imgur or Cloudinary to store your images.
  • Content: write a description for your community. You can use the editor to style the content.
Content fields filled

Use the following picture for reference:

Reference image to show the filled fields in the community page

2. Add the Quick Search sidebar

Quick Search activation

Activate this option if you want to add the following sidebar in the community page to allow leads to filter the results.

Quick Search sidebar

If you activate the Quick Search, you can select the options that will be displayed.

Quick Search sidebar

3. Generate the Code

Once you're happy with the selection and finished editing the content, click on "Generate Sub-Header Code".

Generate Sub-Header Code button

The code will be copied in you clipboard.

Code copied in the clipboard

4. Select the Saved Link to turn into a Community Page

Go to IDX Broker Saved Links and select the saved link that will be turned into a community page. For this example, we will use the Saved Link miami-beach-fl.

Once you have decided what saved link will be used, click on "Edit Preferences".

Edit Preferences button

Note: If you don't know how to create a Saved Link, watch the following video and see how easy it is!

In Edit Saved Link > Preferences, go to the "Sub-header" section, at the bottom of the page.

Sub-header section

Click on "Turn WYSIWYG Off", paste the widget code below "Sub-header" and select the option to add custom content to the page "Below Existing Sub-header".

Sub-header section filled

Finally, click on "Save Changes".

Save changes button

5. Check your new Community page!

In IDX Broker Saved Links, click on "Preview Link" to see the changes.

Preview Link