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HighLevel is a marketing and business automation platform that offers a wide range of tools and features to help businesses manage their customer relationship management (CRM), lead generation, email marketing, SMS marketing, appointment scheduling, and more.

It provides a centralized platform for businesses to create, track, and optimize their marketing campaigns.

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Tools that work with HighLevel and IDX Broker

We've built a few tools that work with HighLevel and IDX Broker to help you get the most out of your real estate website.

LeadConnector Dashboard

Show lead activity, saved properties, and saved searches. Link to your GHL account to call, email, and text your clients.

Dynamic Saved Search

Automatically update a smart saved search for your visitors based on the properties they look at.

Facebook Ads

Generate a Home Listing Catalog (XML Feed) using IDX Broker Saved Links.

IDX to LeadConnector & LeadConnector to IDX

Sync your leads & contacts from IDX Broker and GHL for dual-platform access.

LeadConnector Wrappers

Place your HighLevel wrapper on the IDX website

LeadConnector Webhook & Workflows

Send HighLevel contacts to IDX Broker automatically

One-Click Website

Build an IDX Broker website with HighLevel templates, in minutes.

Single Property Websites

Create unique websites for your featured listings and add a custom GHL contact form.

Saved Searches mailout for a lead

Create and customize your white-labeled IDX email updates.

Workflow Snapshot

Get our first version to create workflows using custom fields

Open House

Add a custom GHL contact form in your Open House registration forms. Send form data submission to GHL.

Plunk Home Valuation

Send Plunk Valuation data submission to GHL

Plunk Home Valuation + HighLevel

Create a workflow using GHL tools to automate the sending of home valuation reports

Website Generator

Create a LeadConnector website for each IDX Broker agent

Resources for Agencies

If you're an agency and provide services to real estate agents, we have a few tools that can help you manage your clients' IDX Broker accounts.

IDXAddons Agency Dashboard

Manage your Real Estate IDX client accounts in one place: add new clients, check MLS paperwork status, and more!

Agency Extra Features

IDX/Lead Manager button inside the GHL Contact Detail page, improvements to the user interface, Zillow button and more!

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Step by step DIY Setup

You already have a HighLevel account and an IDX Broker account? Great! Here's how you can set up the integration.

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Get our first version of our new dashboard for HighLevel. It shows your leads activity, saved properties, saved searches and more! This allows you to have a built-in link to your GHL account to call, email, and send SMS messages to your clients.

Step by step tutorial

GHL Dashboard
Dashboard walkthrough
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