10 easy steps

LeadConnector Setup

Follow the steps below to setup your IDX Broker website with LeadConnector.

Signup for IDX Broker

Enable HTTPS in IDX Broker

Enable HTTPS and Redirect HTTP to HTTPS in IDX Broker. Go to this page https://middleware.idxbroker.com/mgmt/account and enable HTTPS.

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Create a Custom Subdomain (CNAME) in IDX Broker

Follow the steps on this tutorial to setup your custom subdomain in IDX Broker.

Login to IDXAddons

a) Get the IDX Broker API Key: log in to the IDX Broker dashboard and navigate to Home > Access Control. You should see a green box labeled as the "Account API". Go ahead and click that box to copy the code to your clipboard.

b) Login to IDXAddons with your IDX Broker API Key.

LeadConnector Dashboard

Go to the LeadConnector Dashboard and follow the multi-step form to add the dashboard to your HighLevel sub-account


LeadConnector Wrapper

Generate the GHL wrapper for IDX Broker. Create a website page and add this code to its body:

<div id="idxStart" style="display: none;"></div>                     
<div id="idxStop" style="display: none;"></div>

Then use the app LeadConnector Wrapper to generate a dynamic wrapper for your IDX Broker website.


Webhook & Workflows

Add this webhook in a HighLevel workflow to send HighLevel contacts to IDX Broker as leads.


IDXAddons Apps

Add IDXAddons Apps to your website:

  1. Update your contact information:
  2. Get the Search tool code and add it to GHL website
  3. Get the Plunk code and add it to GHL website
  4. Get the Map widget code and add it to GHL website
  5. Create community pages with One Click Community

IDX Broker templates

Colors & Style

Setup the colors for the IDX pages with our IDX Styles app.

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Resources for Agencies

We've built a few tools that work with HighLevel Agencies.

Agency Extra Features

Add the Lead Manager directly inside the GHL Contact Detail page, improvements to the user interface and more!

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