9 easy steps

HighLevel Setup - Single Agent account

Follow the steps below to setup your IDX Broker website with GHL/LeadConnector.

Login to IDXAddons

a) Get the IDX Broker API Key: log in to the IDX Broker dashboard and navigate to Home > Access Control. You should see a green box labeled as the "Account API". Go ahead and click that box to copy the code to your clipboard.

b) Login to IDXAddons with your IDX Broker API Key.

LeadConnector Dashboard

Go to the LeadConnector Dashboard and follow the multi-step form to add the dashboard to your HighLevel sub-account

We will do the following:

  • Add a webhook to your IDX pages to track your lead activity
  • Create GHL custom values to display the dashboard in your GHL account
  • Create custom fields to track your leads and their activity


One-Click Website

If you have a GHL account, but don't have a website yet, you can use the One-Click Website to create a website with IDX Broker integrated.

You will get the exact template that you selected (WYSIWYG) with your IDX information and an IDXConnect that includes the following:

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LeadConnector Wrapper

If you already have a GHL website, you need to use the LeadConnector Wrapper App to generate a dynamic wrapper for your IDX Broker website.

You will need to create a website page that only has the header and footer for your IDX pages, and add this code to its body:

<div id="idxStart" style="display: none;"></div>                     
<div id="idxStop" style="display: none;"></div>

Follow this tutorial

If you still don't have IDX integrated to your GHL website, you can use sign up for the IDXConnect service.

IDX to LeadConnector

With this app you will be able to do the following:

  • Send your IDX Broker leads to your GHL account or your GHL contacts to IDX Broker manually.
  • Update the GHL sub-account that's integrated to IDX
  • Update GHL custom fields
  • Get the webhook code to add it to other IDX pages
  • Update the white-label domain
  • Turn off the sending of notes to GHL

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We have created some workflows to help you get started with LeadConnector:

  • Related to the notifications that an agent can receive about lead activity and setup a client score - Learn More
  • Send property updates - Learn More
  • Related to Plunk, to send home valuation updates - Learn More

All the workflows are on this Snapshot. Follow the tutorial of each app to import the workflows and customize them to fit your needs.


Add this webhook in a HighLevel workflow to send HighLevel contacts to IDX Broker as leads.


IDXAddons Apps

We have some apps where we have added an integration with HighLevel to display forms or send data to your GHL account:

IDX/Lead Manager Button

To add the "IDX"/Lead Manager button, you will need to have an IDXAddons Agency Dashboard account and follow the tutorial to add the button to your Contact pages.

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